Booking is simple!

We have quick and easy ways to book your appointment. Call, text, email or book online.
Forms of payment accepted are: Cash, PayPal, Cashapp,& Debit/credit. Checks are not accepted!


Your appointment is very important to me which are rsvp especially for you. Cancellations must be 48 hours notice! Please understand that when you forget to cancel your appointment without giving enough notice, I am unable to fill the appointment time & clients on the waiting list.


A $50.00 deposit is required to book all appointments via PayPal. Deposit(s) will be lost if you decide to cancel your appointment within less than 48 hours.

Late Policy

Late arrivals service time may be reduced. In special cases, I maybe able to accommodate a partial or full appointment. This will be done at my discretion based on advanced notification of late arrival.


Your privacy is very important to us. We collect your personal information such as your name, email and telephone number in order to create an easy client booking database in order to keep you informed about all the exciting stuff ahead. We know how annoying it is to get junk mail so will never disclose your personal information to any third party.

Be Aware

Contact lenses MUST BE removed during lash applications. Please bring a lens case to store
your lenses in during your appointment. You may place your contact lenses in following
your appointment.
*Please disclose any eye conditions, injuries, medications or treatments used on/in or
affecting the eye area in advance.